Using Microsoft WDS & MDT 2013 to deploy Windows 8.1 Part 2

Windows Deployment, Part 2: Installing and Configuring WDS


Using Server Manager, make sure the WDS role / feature has been installed.

From the start screen, launch WDS.

You will be prompted to configure WDS, right click on DC.demo.local and select configure server.

wds - configure 1

On the wizard that appears, click next.

wds - configure 2

Select Integrated with Active Directory

wds - configure 3

Change the remote install path to your second HDD, in this case, E:

wds - configure 4

Proxy DHCP – these should be ticked if the server is running a DHCP service (as per this example).

wds - configure 5

Select respond to all client computers (known and unknown). That will save effort in prestaging computers in AD.

wds - configure 6

If you see this error, click finish and follow the next step.

wds - configure 7

Right click on DC.demo.local

Select all tasks

Select start

wds - configure 8

Once complete, you should see this message.

wds - configure 9

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