Using Microsoft WDS & MDT 2013 to deploy Windows 8.1 Part 6

Windows Deployment, Part 6: Creating a Deployment Image


Now we have successfully created our deployment share, we need to load in an operating system to deploy!

Before you continue, go ahead and mount the ISO, or insert the optical media.

Expand the deployment share you have created (in our example, Windows 8.1 deployment share). Select Operating Systems

deploy 1

Right click on Import Operating System

Select Full set of source files (We’re not yet covering custom image files etc).

deploy 2

Your then shown a source page – select the top level of your mounted .iso / optical media

deploy 3

Check the destination directory name – make sure it’s something meaningful.

We’re only deploying a vanilla Windows 8.1 operating system.  If you were doing custom images, make sure the title is meaningful.

deploy 4

Review and confirm

deploy 5

Have a cuppa! This is going to take a while if you’re using optical media. Once complete, click finish.

deploy 6

Next up,  we’ll create a task sequence!

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