99 days to go…. The End of Server 2003 is upon us.

With less than 99 days to go until Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003,  it really is time to ‘let it go’.


It was the OS of choice back in 2003, but has long since surpassed by the likes of Windows  2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2.

With every iteration of Server release, every feature of Server 2003 has been improved time and time again (if your using standard edition, support from more than 4GB ram is a useful feature).


With features missing from Server 2003 such as Hyper-V, Active Directory enhancements such as recycle bin, Direct Access, and Branchcache, that once venerable OS  is now far past its sell  by date.

As an IT pro, not only are you making your lives harder by missing out on all the enhancements that come with newer releases,  your putting your business at risk by using an OS that is no longer secure.

You’ve got 99 days to go….  get that migration plan underway.  Whilst your at it,  bin those XP machines as well (get building your own deployment server…)!

days until

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