Happy World Backup Day!!!!

Today’s the day!  World Backup Day!


There used to be a saying, only two things in life are certain.  Death and Taxes.  Well, this is the computer age.  Add hard disk failure and data loss to the list!

If your struggling to perform a backup, here’s a nice and basic  command for you…

robocopy.exe \\source\directory driveletter:\directory /S /E /DCOPY:D /COPY:DT /ZB /MT:8 /R:3 /W:5 /LOG:driveletter:\logfilename.txt

In a nutshell, the command will take a copy of your data (\\source\directory) and copy to  another location – ie usb drive (driveletter:\directory).

For anyone whos interested, Spiceworks have  a pretty awesome infographic / poster for today.

I also have to recommend Altaro for their free Hyper-V and VMWare products. If you’re in the server business, i’d recommend having a look.

tsn signoff

Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider


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