Configuring a Draytek to Meraki LAN to LAN VPN

If your job is anything like mine, you’ll find yourself working with various different technologies, from various different manufacturers.

A few days ago I was tasked with setting up a LAN to LAN VPN for a customer’s new premises. ¬†Interestingly the customer had chosen to install a completely different manufacturers product compared to their existing equipment:¬† Meraki MX60 in their new site, and an old Draytek 2820 in their existing site.

As getting a LAN to LAN VPN running between two different pieces of kit can throw up some headaches, I thought I would detail the required steps to make this work.

Before we begin, update the firmware on the Draytek router (backup the config first, make sure you use the .all file – the .rst file resets the device to factory settings).

Head over to the Meraki Cloud and make sure that your MX appliance has the latest firmware installed.

meraki update

Now, lets go get our VPN configured!

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